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Fatpawz inspiration – Chacha

Fatpawz Inspiration

Fatpawz inspiration – Chacha
Around 2016 when i met my furry friend “Chacha”. I just moved to a new place and starting an exciting career. A good family was looking that time someone who can adopt their lowchen dog whom they loved so dearly but unfortunately they had to make this big decision.

When i met Chacha, she was just 1 year old. Honestly, i am a bit hesitant because the place i am living does not have a pet friendly environment although it scares me a lot when i started imagining that what if she end up with someone who will not love and care for her.

So i adopted her and it becomes one of the best decisions i did in my life. Chacha makes me calm and really happy. She is a very smart dog, very affectionate, and she always wants to be beside me. It is true that dogs can feel your emotions, she gives me unconditional love.

Chacha inspired me to create fatpawz. Combining my inspiration and professional experience, I created fatpawz. This is a page where i wanted to show everyone how our furry friend be treated. Fatpawz is a passion for me and not just a business.

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